AcmeLight Facade

If you would like to speak about the universality of the product, then Acmelight Facade deserve applause in this sense. Decoration of walls and gypsum ceilings, wallpaper and plaster. Surfaces, processed by such paint, due to specific additives content in it, are protected from mold and mildew. And the effect of warm blue – light blue glowing in the building, coming from, for example, walls or celling can be compared with nothing.


Acmelight Facade – acrylic paint, specially designed for decorative and protective painting of inside building walls, ceilings, wallpapers and etc. It is a line of fast-drying paints. It has a good mechanical and chemical resistance, fast-dryness, high elasticity. Due to special additives content, the paint prevents the appearance of fungus and mildew on painted surfaces. The paint is completely ready for use.


Acmelight Facade is designed for decorative painting of walls and ceilings inside and outside the premises, produced from different materials: cement-lime plasters, plasterboard, bricks, concrete, wallpaper and other porous materials. It is used in interior design.


Available colors: