AcmeLight Flower

Acmelight Flower is glow in the dark paint for flowers. Delicate rosebuds, velvet fluttering petals of violets, colorful chrysanthemums, tulips or lilies are fresh flowers, emitting the light aroma, and it is difficult not to love it. But it is more difficult to surprise with an ordinary bouquet of roses, tulips, carnations or even field daisies. Florists fantasy, of course, is worth of respect, but, nevertheless, ribbons, bows, beads and green parts are hackneyed, boring and predictable.


Acmelight Flowers is a paints line of fast dryness for application on fresh flowers. Acmelight Flower creates a thin colorful layer on the flower bud, which glows at the darkness by light blue or green colors. Not influencing on the fiber petals, the paint does not spoil the flower. It has a quick air drying due to acrylic base. Paint is completely ready for application.


Available colors: