Acme Light Plastic

Two-component paint Acmelight for plastic items. Glow in the dark paint Acmelight Plastic is well suitable for plastic surfaces, subjects and furniture produced from plastic, PVC and polystyrene. It is important to notice, the decorated interior design with Acmelight paint is not released absolutely at the daytime, however it changes the image with the darkness fall completely. Green and light-blue glowing, coming from plastic objects, covered by paint, will make the stay in such room cozy and comfortable.

Acmelight Plastic is the glow in the dark paint for: PVC, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS plastic, polycarbonate. It creates the colorful covering, which glows in the darkness by light blue or green colors. It has a high strength and weather resistance, resistant to detergents, oils as well as to certain organic solvents. Paint has a high drying level and is completely ready for application.


Available colors: