Luminescent glow

About luminescent glow in the dark paint

Glow in the dark paints Acmelight are produced on the basis of a high-quality luminous pigment. Glow in the dark paints correspond to all application standards, confirmed by sanitary-epidemiological certificate, Material Safety Datasheets, and other certificates.

Acmelight paint applied on the object creates glowing at the dark effect. At the nighttime the object is light by different colors and shades, from green-yellow and light blue up to orange and pink. The range of colors can be defined during the creation of composition.




Accumulating the light energy during the daytime or from the artificial light, painted by glowing paint image starts to glow at the darkness or when the light is switched off, emitting all received charge. We use the raw materials which allow you to get the glowing duration for up to 6-10 hours. Therefore, luminous paints Acmelight allow you to create original single items or entire batches of original goods. Therefore, luminous paints Acmelight allow create original single items or entire batch of original goods.

Fluorescent paints of Acmelight company can be divided into the following types:

- AcmeLight Glass . Glowing paint applied to glass, can be used for glossy surfaces as well. The glassware is modified by images, made by Acmelight Glass paint. The paint allows you to create unique colored glass for domestic and public application.

- AcmeLight Textile . Luminous paint is used for application on material. You can produce not only textile for advertising , but also considerably widen output possibilities of stylish and original products, made of various materiales.

- AcmeLight Metal . Glow in the dark paint is well suitable for metal surfaces to cover during the creation of different images. Private car fans and owners of large auto-services, dealing with auto-tuning, as well as exterior and interior designers, will be certainly attracted by the idea of original project creation by using Acmelight Metal paint.

- AcmeLight Tree . Glowing paint is used for wooden surfaces, creating image or covering, which will help transform familiar and everyday things into original units of modern design. Fences and window frames can get a new look due to luminous paint.

- AcmeLight Concrete . Luminous paint, applied for concrete, stone, bricks. It makes it possible to decorate parts of buildings, curbs, paving areas originally.

- AcmeLight Flower is specially designed glow in the dark paint for fresh flowers bouquets, making an untold pleasure for visitors of flower shops and studios.

- AcmeLight Plastic . This kind of luminous paint is successfully used for decoration of products from ABS plastic, PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, polypropylene.

- AcmeLight ORACAL . Glow in the dark paint, is used for production of printed images on adhesive forms of film, using the method of silk-screening. Received by such a way labels, objects of inside and outside advertisements differ by original look, to attract attention of potential customers.


First of all, products will be interesting for:

- - Safety and security compnies,

- - Discos, clubs,

- - Advertising companies,

- - Artists,

- - Flower shops and salons,

- - Auto-tuning specialists, airbrushing specialists,

- - Souvenirs or New Year products producers.

Our paints are not dangerous for human health. The safety of its components is proved by radiological and sanitary-epidemiological certificates, MSDS.