AcmeLight Tree

Acmelight paint for wood, plywood, fiberboard and particleboard. Wooden surfaces are undergone to special risk. It is an influence of UV rays. The definite rate of protection to such surfaces can be provided by different solvents. But neither of it can simultaneously carry out the decoration function. No one, except glow in the dark paint Acmelight Tree, which will not only protect the wood from UV rays, but also will remake even the very ordinary wooden item till the incognizance, when only the sun will go down the horizon.


Acmelight Tree is an ideal protection of wooden surfaces, which can stand the test on form of precipitations and mechanical damages. Product is resistance to oils, solvents, detergents. Beautiful, special and practical for a long time – exactly so it is possible to characterize paint Acmelight Tree in a few words.


It is designed for decoration of wooden surfaces inside and outside premises. It can be used in design and decor, as well as for decorative finishing and protection of gates, fences, poles, boats, fishing boats, yachts, marinas open ponds, wooden houses, sheds, garden buildings, gazebos, porches, terraces, window frames, doors, floors, walls, flower boxes and pots, as well as balconies, kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools.


Available colors: