Acme Light Glass

Two-component paint Acmelight for glass. How to make two glass services from one, and besides completely different? There is no magic, only sleight of hand and glow paint Acmelight Glass Classic, designed for glass, mirrors, porcelain and etc. So, tall glasses, ashtrays, cups and saucers will not attract attention by something, being as usual as always. Miracles will start right after it will start to grow dark outside the window. The casual service or furniture will disappear, and perfect new items will take its place, and it will emit the warm green or even light-blue glowing!


Acmelight Glass Classic creates the colorful covering, which glows by light-blue or green color at the darkness. It has a high level of strength and weather-resistance. It is resistant to detergents, oils, as well as some organic solvents effects. The paint has a high level of dryness.


Available colors: