AcmeLight Metal

For what do you need to illuminate an object, if it can glow on its own? It is enough to cover it by the thick glowing layer. Paint Acmelight Metal is specially designed for metal. Such kind of paints does not only shine, but also it protects metal surfaces. Auto-tuning, design of buildings and premises, fencing and signs – all of these can glow in the night without lanterns and lamps, without accumulators and batteries.


Acmelight Metal creates the colorful covering, which glow in the dark by light blue or green color, with increased strength and weather resistance, resistant to the action of detergents, oils, as well as to some organic solvents. Paint has a high level of dryness.


Paint is applied for painting of metal surfaces inside and outside buildings. The application field of this paint is quite wide: auto-tuning, airbrushing, painting of car rims, exterior and interior decor design. By the way, it is possible to make glowing car numbers! AcmeLight Metal is applied on any metal surfaces.


Available colors: